Political Statement

9 Feb, 2020

I’m often asked to comment on politics. Politics is one of those areas that is designed to divide the general population and as such I prefer to avoid such division and focus on providing some help toward making life better for everyone.

However, in today’s society, we are drawn into the political discussion more frequently and our views are often misaligned or misquoted.

For myself I would lean toward the left, but not to Communism. The more I’ve looked into the political arena and agendas, the more I see a system being driven by the elites of society and using the Socialist system to make it happen.

I do not have a problem with wealth and wealthy people. The issue I have is how they conduct themselves with avoiding taxation. This also extends to corporations and I would argue it is the corporations that gain the unsavoury press attention that is then extended toward the wealthy of society.

As I have mentioned, politics is nothing other than a division within society. It the poorer people in a society got together and formed a political party, the sitting politicians would become very worried. There are far more of the less well-off than the rich.

So why am I not a Socialist? In the general sense, I suppose I am. I favour the poorer sections of society. But Socialism in its current format is not aligned to the poor. It is aimed and structured to control the poor and this is wrong.

The best book I know of on Socialism, Corporate, and Individual Wealth is The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Trussell. It explains how the wealthy con the poor, and that con is controlled by the corporations and bureaucracy of political might.

A modern example of how the wealthy agenda plays a role within our society is that of the New Labour movement that came about under the Blair/Brown leadership. The corporate agenda rolled on while civil liberties and the less well-off in society struggled. Not to mention a war that over One Million people in the UK marched against.

Once I realized the process was rigged and that your view counts for very little, or in truth, nothing. I stopped voting. If you do align yourself to a political view, make sure it encompasses the less well-off in society.